Custom Cut Foam

Use custom cut foam for any purpose!

Do you have a unique shape? Custom cut foam is our specialty! We can cut foam to any size and shape.
Mattresses                            Bar Seats                            Benches
Round Mattresses               Foam Bar Railing               Foam Wedges
Mattresses for trucks          Foot Stools                          Antic Beds
Couch Cushions                   Boat Cushions                    RV’s Beds
Seat Cushions                      Camping pads                     RV’ Cushions
Back Cushions                     Window Seat Cushions      Day Beds
Seat pads                             Back Relief Cushions          Pet Beds
Bay Windows                      Foam Packaging                   
Recreational Vehicle
Round Cushions                 Studio & Noise Control       Boat Mattresses
Dining Room Chairs           Ceiling Foam Tiles               Crib Mattresses
Archery Targets                  Foam for Headboards

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Pricing On Custom Cut Foam
For special angles or odd shapes please e-mail, mail or fax us the size and template with your name and phone number for additional information. The calculated price below is an estimate for your custom cut foam.

Pricing On Custom Cut Foam





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Standard Foam

Plush Foam
Premium Foam
HD23 Foam

Luxury Foam


Our polyurethane foam only comes 82″ wide so anything bigger will have to be glued together. Our glue is strong and will never fall apart.

Beveled edges is also available on seat cushion and mattress.

Please note: When comparing different types of foam with other companies it is most important to look at the density and ILD of the foam.

Click Here For Foam Specs.

1.5 Standard Foam: This is a medium density type of foam. It is intended for temporary use such as camping, guest beds, fold out beds, upholstering headboards, pet beds, packaging, arts & crafts, etc.
Plush Foam: This foam has a soft feel with a good quality. It is commonly used for the back of a sofa cushion, baby mattresses or mattresses for individuals with bed sores. 
Premium Foam: This foam grade is medium high density foam. Mostly recommended for sofa seat cushions 5″ thick or thicker. If you are looking for support, comfort, and durability then this foam is for you. This kind of foam has rubber based characteristics which means it will not break down like ordinary foam. This foam will maintain it’s original shape and density for many years. This is our most popular foam for seat cushion replacements and is highly recommended. *No FR Additive*
HD23: This foam has a medium to soft feel depending on the body weight of the sleeper. It offers a high degree of comfort and will retain its shape and density. This foam grade is a high density soft foam. This kind of foam has rubber based characteristics which means it will not break down like ordinary foam. If you are looking for comfort and durability then this foam is for you.
Luxury Foam : This foam grade is firm high density foam. This type of foam is recommending for car seat pads, church pews, bay window seat cushions, dining room chairs, chair pads and massage tables 4″ thick or thinner. If you are looking for support and durability, then this foam is for you. This kind of foam has rubber based characteristics which means it will not break down like ordinary foam. It will maintain its original shape and density for many years. This foam grade has a firm feel offering a high degree of support while retaining its shape and density. *No FR Additive*



Foam Water Jet Cutting Service

Our Water jet cutting is capable of slicing any type of open cell and closed cell foam. The machine uses a jet stream of water that is forced through a tiny nozzle at a high pressure to perform precision cutting, and piercing up to accuracies of ± .005 leaving smooth, extremely accurate edges.

These water jet services are available to any manufacture or customer that needs to protect delicate equipment and or could even be for professionals advertising their devices. This is the perfect environmentally friendly technology solution for nearly all cutting needs and is less expensive then laser and die cutting. No minimum order required.

Prototypes are always available. For more information on pricing, please email a drawling with all the sizes, type of foam and quantity for accurate prices. To reduce the price of the set up charge we will need a .dxf or .dwg file. Otherwise we can use .jpg or .pdf file as well. You can also let us know what you will be using this for so that we can recommend the best type of foam for you.  

Recommended For:
Custom Cut To Any Shape and Size
Custom Case Foam Inserts
Open Cell Foam Cutting- White OR Charcoal Polyurethane Foam
Closed Cell Foam Cutting- Neoprene, Minicell, EVA Foam, PE Foam, Polystyrene
Letters, Art and Crafts Project
Granite & Tiles
Acrylics & Plastics
Prototypes are available
waterjet-min marble-min granitetiles-min packaging-min
package-min custompackaging3-min foamguncase-min


arch1-min foamswan-min polystyrenecut3-min fountain1-min polystyrenecut5-min